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Calm Reflections Photography shares beautiful photographs that can be placed on mugs, mouse pads, canvas, puzzles, T-shirts, coasters and prints. Joanna Macaulay makes souvenirs of St. Mary’s County for tourists and local residents. Information about St. Mary’s County attractions, travel, events and photography can be found at her site. She now does pet photography as well.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pet photography

On our trip to Great Falls I met a beautiful Siberian Husky named Mishka, the Russian equivalent of Teddy Bear. I asked her owner if I could take some photos. The dogs fur was sooo soft. I’m learning that it takes a lot of patience to photograph pets, but I usually come up with something worthwhile. I also need a lot of help from the owner to help keep the pet interested or still enough to photograph.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Blue Heron at Great Falls

I saw several Great Blue Herons at Great Falls National Park this weekend. I’m determined to get some good photos of them. They hang around our yard from time to time making noisy comments to the world. Grooonk! They are such graceful birds, with such a nasty voice. To see the bird with a fish, visit my facebook page. Just look for Calm Reflections Photography.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Buy Local video on YouTube

I attended the Small Independent Business Round Table on April 12th a met a few more local business people. A few local business people shared ways they became creative to attract new business, such as selling lower priced affordable items, going out of their way to buy what people want with good customer service and creating a new service (boat tours to see lighthouses).

I was surprised to learn that Maryland has the highest median household income in the country, even though places like New York and Los Angeles are far richer. St. Mary's County has the second highest growth rate in the State (after Calvert County) and the youngest population. We may be spending less here, but a lot of other places are worse.

We were encouraged to put a Buy Local sticker on our car. (See my previous blog.) Here is a link to the new Buy Local video.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Southern Maryland Give Camp Volunteers

I took some photos about Southern Maryland Give Camp as a favor to my friend, Theresa. Then I wrote an article for The Bay Net to spread the word since it seemed like a worthwhile cause. They had 102 technical volunteers donate their weekend to make new websites and fix existing sites for 19 non-profit organizations. Do you have any idea how much money it saved those nonprofits? (roughly $393,000 according to Jim Pendarvis organizer of the weekend event) And the volunteers had a blast. To view Give Camp pictures and read my article visit my website special page.