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Friday, September 30, 2016

Lovely St. Mary's County Sunset

We've had some really pretty ones lately.
Same sunset with different angles, a few minutes apart.

      Wide angle lens


Thursday, September 22, 2016

St. Mary's County Fair Photography

I was once again a judge for photography at the St. Mary's County Fair.  It is lots of fun to see some future photographers and possible Camera Club members.  Please visit the exhibit to see the wonderful photos.

Congratulations to the following winners!
(Please pardon me if I misspelled any names and please make corrections if you see any)

Champion purple ribbons (all are First place also)
Adult Brett Prucha girl with umbrella

Adult Life in St Marys workboat by
Mary Fearns
Adult Fair moment girl petting horse by Duane Woodburn

Junior flower water drop by Rachel Prucha

Childrens doll portrait by Daisy Chesser 

First places
Adult color 
Still life Rolls Royce reflection by Beth Fabey
Pictorial grand tetons by Beth Fabey

Nature white bird Colin Gilyeat

Adult Black and White
Portrait night kiss under umbrella by Caitlin Stanish

Sports horseback rider by C Wight
Still life hibiscus by Beth Fabey
Pictorial cat with steaming kettle by Beth Fabey
Nature bee by Chris Hess

Junior 11-17 color
Sports Softball by Anabel Eschenbrenner
Portrait girl with orange hair by Hailey Higgs
Still life toy photographer by Mac Quilliam
Pictorial Lovenborg castle by Jack Mulqueen
Junior St Marys Life pier by Madeson Manfield  

Junior 11-17 black and white
Still life dandelion by Noah Mansfield
Portrait teen boy by Rina Segesdy
Nature hyacinth by Emily Imhof
Pictorial falls by Ryan Cord

Children 10 and younger color
Sports 2 girls hanging by Hailey Bytella
Pet cat by Laura Munoz
Pictorial mountains by Joe Grossmon
Nature pumpkin by Leo Eschenbrenner
Childens Helicopter by Grace or Corice Tucker

Monday, September 19, 2016

Windmill Island Garden, Holland Michigan

The gardens seem fairly authentic. The real 251 year old De Zwaan windmill was purchased in 1964 and it's run by a female miller.   Other attractions include a flower garden, an Amsterdam street organ and a carousel.  In May, the gadens exhibit 115,000 blooming tulips.

     De Zwaan windmill

     Looking up!  The miller can position the sails to create messages to nearby residents, such as the mill is running or not, birth, marriage or mourning.

     Costumed guide

     Sarita couldn't go in the windmill and a nice employee offered to watch her.

      Communication with the top floor.

    The millstone to grind the grain.

     The gears

     Bridge to the island where the windmill is located with costumed guide..


      Gift shops

Holland Michigan

We visited two different Dutch parks in Holland Michigan during our recent trip, the Nelis' Dutch Village and Windmill Island Gardens.  Both allowed us to bring our rescue dog into the parks with a few limitations.  Traveling with a dog is challenging, especially in restaurants.

We first visited the Dutch Village which was a little more targeted at children.  They had some young dancers with wooden shoes, a lovely canal and some stores.  We skipped the amusement rides and petting zoo.

  One girl wore 11 pairs of socks to keep from losing her shoes.

     Sarita looked at the ducks, but didn't get near them.



Friday, September 16, 2016

Pet pictures from a Recent Michigan Trip

We drove to Michigan to visit relatives and met a few pets on the way with our own poodle, Sarita.  So cute!

In West Virginia, we met some poodles:




And Blue, the cat.

     At Norman Kruse dog beach in Michigan we met a few pets, some were quite wet from romping in Lake Michigan.


      Dog in the Dunes

      Wrigley with his Mom

     Oops!   No dogs on beach!  Actually on the border between beaches.

Then there was Murphy, the large cat.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and St. Michaels MD

A day trip to St. Michaels
     Boats at the Museum

      A grab shot of the fence shadows

     Echinacea or Purple Cone Flower

     The real photographer was on the left out of the photo.  A house connected with Frederick Douglass (African-American Abolitionist)

     Blue crab live

      Wedding party visitors

     Pet shop in St. Michaels

     Old Brick Inn staircase

     Weird clouds