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River Concert Series “Prayer For Our Planet” on Youtube from July 10th.

Watch the River Concert Series “Prayer For Our Planet” on Youtube from July 10th.  Jim had 2 videos Henrik Naimark-Meyers and Ballet Calient...

Monday, June 30, 2014

River Concert Series Program

We got published!  

If you are a music fan and attend the River Concerts at St. Mary's College of Maryland on Fridays at 7pm through July 25th, check out the program.  I have 10 photos and Jim has a photo too.

We have pictures on pages 5 (2 bottom), 27 both, 36 both, 39 top, 40 both jims is of Julian, 41 top, and 42 top.

The photos aren't marked, but they gave me a free ad on page 25 with a photo of DJ.  He's a cute little guy.

We are hoping the weather will be okay for this Friday's July 4th concert with fireworks.  Hope to see you there.

The program 

My favorite photos

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gilligans Pier Restaurant; a Tropical Maryland Beach

We stopped for dinner a while back at Gilligan's Pier, just south of St. Mary's County. 
11535 Popes Creek Rd, Newburg, MD 20664
We were hungry and searched for restaurants.  This one was hard to find without gps or a map.
    The view was beautiful.  We had a lovely sunset and very interesting light.  The owners bring in palm trees from Florida every year so it looks tropical.  It's like being on a Maryland tropical beach with a casual restaurant and a tiki bar made from a boat.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

River Concerts start this week!

The River Concert Series at St. Mary's College of Maryland starts on Friday, June 20th at 7pm.  The tent is up on the green along route 5 in St. Mary's City as usual.  We're excited and hope to see some of you there!  Check out for information.  I'm hoping to see some of my photos in this year's concert program.  Enjoy the music.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ten Minutes with a Dragonfly

Jim called me over to view a swamp darner dragonfly stuck in the window of our garage, trying to get out.  

We wanted to let it loose, but also hoped to photograph it.  It had pretty green stripes and blue eyes.  Jim put it in a mesh bag and I took it outside.  I temporarily put it in a plastic container with lots of open air and ran for my camera.  I took a few mediocre shots then decided to let it loose using a long stick. 

 I poked the stick into the container and the dragonfly clung to the stick for 10 minutes!  It could easily fly away!  I took advantage of the time and gently moved the stick in a many directions while the dragonfly posed for me before flying away.  I moved it in front of the driveway, the lawn, and the garden and changed the angles.  Very cool!  Here is one of my best shots.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Raiders and Invaders "Attacking" Soon in Leonardtown

Come enjoy The Raiders and Invaders Festival on Saturday, June 7th from 12-6 pm at Leonardtown Square and Leonardtown Wharf in St. Mary's County.  The event focuses on the War of 1812 in Southern Maryland and also includes many of the historical attractions in the area.  This is a one time special event.  There will be lots of opportunities for fun, music, artisans, old time crafts, theater, storytelling, wine, rum and cider tasting, cars, kids events and more.  The full event takes place Friday through Sunday.  For more information visit

We will be a vendor in Leonardtown Square, so please stop by and say hello.  We will be featuring our photos and photo crafts of St. Mary's County.