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Monday, April 23, 2018

Yucatan Mexico Chichén Itzá February 8, 2018

El Castillo, the Temple of Kukulcan

We visited Chichén Itzá on a very warm day.  The ruins were voted to be one of the New Wonders of the World along with the Christ Redeemer statue outside of Rio de Janiero, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Petra in Jordan, the Roman Colosseum in Rome and the Taj Mahal.   
Unlike our last visit there, the crowds began at 9 AM and all of the ruins are now roped off and can't be climbed.  Last time, the only ruin that was off limits was El Castillo, since it was very steep and dangerous.  I remember walking around on El Caracol, the observatory.  There were many more vendors along all of the paths trying to get your attention, making our visit less enjoyable than before. 
The ruins were still fascinating and Jim's great uncle's name is still fairly well known there.  While walking around, we talked to a tourist guide about Jim's relative, Sylvanus Morley, and within minutes he told his friends that he had met a relation of the famous archaeologist.   It was an interesting response, since Jim is not exactly a well known person in the United States.  We were somewhat amused to have contributed to this man's day.  He probably talked about Jim all day!

 Quetzalcoatl, the snake, slithers down the side of El Castillo.

The ball court or Juego de Pelota is where players hit a ball through the ball court hoop with their hips.  Sylvanus Morley liked to play music on his Victrola in the ball court because it had excellent acoustics.

The stone hoop can be seen high up on the wall.   

 The Jaguar

 Tzompantli,  the Platform of the Skulls Plataforma de los Craneos

 Plataforma de Venus

 Quetzalcoatl, the snake

 El Osario, the Bonehouse or the Tumba del Gran Sacerdote (High Priest’s Grave)

 El Caracol, the Observatory

 Sylvanus Morley suggested framing the observatory between the doors of our hotel, the Mayaland (in my next Mexico post)

 The Nunnery, Edificio de la Monjas

 The Church, La Iglesia and it's many decorations


A red summer tanager

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Yucatan Mexico Celestun Birds February 7, 2018

We also photographed many large birds on the river by the small fishing village of Celestun (see the colorful flamingos in my previous post).  The birds were incredible there.

 Great Blue Heron in Flight

 Brown Pelican


 Tricolored Heron

 Roseate Spoonbill

 Great Blue Heron at rest

 Something we saw in the jungle among the mangroves.  I wondered if it was an ant hill or something.  Any ideas?

 Tunnel through the mangroves

 Great Egret hiding in the shade


Friday, April 13, 2018

Yucatan Mexico Celestun Flamingos February 7, 2018

Flamingos!!!  We talked a Mexican tour guide into taking us out early in the morning before the crowds in this small fishing village.  The light was beautiful.  Very pretty colorful birds.

This flamingo Takeoff photo is for sale at Zazzle as an 11x14  print.
I like it a lot, with it's wings spread wide and a nice reflection on the river.

Flamingos in the air look sort of like flying sticks!

Flamingo Heart
I also turned the heart print into a 8x10 "painting" with the pink salt lake background from Las Coloradas (another place we visited later) .

Their necks are amazingly twisty!

There were mangrove islands in the background.

These two were having a dispute over something.  Food?  Women?  They were certainly making a lot of noise.

I saw many more birds that day which I will post soon, great blue herons, pelicans, cormorants, roseate spoonbills, an egret and a tricolored heron.  So be sure to stop back to see them, or follow my RSS feed or my Calm Reflections Photography Facebook page,

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Cherry Blossom Festival Sunday 12-4

Calm Reflections Photography will be a vendor at the 2nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival April 8th.  This year the flowers will be blooming!  I stopped by yesterday to check it out.  I will be offering flower and other cards, prints, coasters, and a small variety of other photo craft items.  You can also sign up for pet photography later.

I think there are several different species of trees, some more pink, some more white.  It was challenging to photograph, since there was a fairly strong breeze.

Dress warm, bring your costumed dog for the parade and a chair to listen to the music.