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Cormorants from St Michael’s Manor in St. Mary’s County.  They were very far away, and my focus was off a little, but I liked the reflection...

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lovely Woodlawn Farm Concert on the lawn, July 25th

The Chesapeake Orchestra Fellows featured a number of small groups on Saturday night led by Jeffrey Silberschlag.  David Froom, usually known as a composer, played the keyboard for the concert, an unusual treat.  The weather was pleasant and the music was too.  

     Jeffrey Silberschlag, music director
     He was also a proud father as he played a bit of his son Nathaniel's live performance from the Kennedy Center on his phone during the concert.  Both sons are exceptional musicians.

     David Froom

     Zachary Silberschlag, Jeffrey's oldest son

     Alan Morris

     Olenka Dolak and Milad Daniari

     Victoria Wolf Lewis, Zachary Silberschlag and Milad Daniari

     Champagne anyone?


     Tri-color view

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Natii Wright Featured in last River Concert of the Summer

On July 24th, Jeffrey Silberschlag wished us his usual early Winter Holiday wish with "Sleigh Ride" and jazz by Natii Wright.  I noted that she sang "Summertime", one of my all time favorites and "My Funny Valentine".  The Chesapeake Orchestra also played some beautiful Tchaikovsky Ballets among others

This was the last River Concert Series Concert at St. Mary's College of MD this summer. 

      The crowd

     Jeffrey Silberschlag

      River Concert Series programs- including my pictures

      Suzanne Orban

      Natii Wright


Friday, July 24, 2015

Woodlawn Concert July 18th, 2015: And The Boat Went By

The Chesapeake Orchestra Fellows, a talented group of young people directed by Jeffrey Silberschlag, performed outside on the Woodlawn Farm lawn last Saturday by the creek.  

Sometimes outdoor concerts contend with unusual local events, noise, children, weather, etc.  During this concert, a neighbor was running little tours of the creek, right past the location of the concert.  Many Times!!!  Jeffrey Silberschlag just took the interruptions in stride with a little bit of humor.   At least that's what we saw on his face!

Several of the young performers had solos;
Joey Lavarias on bassoon

Zachary Silberschlag on Trumpet

And the boat went by....

Alan Morris? On oboe

Milad Daniara on Bass

And the boat went by...

Others in the Chesapeake Orchestra Fellows included Olenka Dolak on cello

Mike Eby and Victoria Wolf Lewis on violin

And the boat went by...

And the boat went by....

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

River Concert Premier's "Kid's" and Plays Works by Strauss

The River Concert at St.Mary's College of MD on Friday, July 17th featured Richard Strauss's "Don Juan" & "The Rosenkavalier Suite", both very dramatic pieces.  The concert also premiered William Thomas Mckinley's work "Kids", symphonic variations created for the Chesapeake Orchestra and the Maryland Youth Symphony.  Some of the variations included musical descriptions of  toys, cookies, sand, and video games.

   Chesapeake Orchestra 

     Tuajuanda Jordan, Pres. Of St. Mary's College of MD, greeted the audience

      Jeffrey Silberschlag, maestro and violinists


     Harpist, Rebecca Smith


     The Sound guy and the stage

     Jeffrey Silberschlag directing

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Favorite Photos from the Woodlawn Farm Concert Saturday July 11th

Last week's Woodlawn Concert was held outside.  The performers were the Chesapeake Orchestra Fellows, a talented group of young people.  They played some music from Italy and France.  Some works played included "Girl with the Flaxen Hair" by Debussy and "Trumpeter's Lullaby" by Leroy Anderson.
     Chesapeake Orchestra Fellows and Jeffrey Silberschlag

     Zachary Silberschlag on trumpet

     Mike Eby on Violin

     Masha (Maria) Polishchuk

     Masha (Maria) Polishchuk and Victoria Wolf Lewis on violins

      Olenka Dolak with cello

     Milad Daniara on Bass

     Joey Lavarius on flute (also plays Bassoon)