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Cormorants from St Michael’s Manor in St. Mary’s County.  They were very far away, and my focus was off a little, but I liked the reflection...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holiday Ornaments

Just a few holiday decorations to share with you before the season ends.

And a simple snack.  Pretzels, kisses and m&ms.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Christmas Village

The St. Mary's County Fairgrounds held a Christmas Village this past weekend.  This new amusement was complete with a train, a "sleigh ride", vendors, a giant snow hill, crafts for kids, a church service, and ice skating.  The admission was free and people seemed to be enjoying themselves, even though the snow hill was a big inflatable, the ice was plastic and the giant sleigh was pulled by a big tractor (Southern Maryland style).  The "ice" skating was amusing to watch.  The skates were real and everyone "skated" for 15 minute sessions.  They really enjoyed themselves as they fell down!!! 😳 There was quite a large turnout.  Next year, if they hold it again, they could use more food vendors, a few church choirs or christmas karaoke, and/or a Christmas tree or wreath decorating contest.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Photo Session with Cali, the Cocker Spaniel

We recently photographed Cali, an adorable brown and white Cocker Spaniel.  Her family members won a Silent Auction I gave away earlier this year.  We went to a local beach on a pleasant sunny afternoon and took photographs using a cute plaid outfit already owned by the family, as well as a Santa costume.  Cali was well behaved for portraits and she also had a chance to play and be uniquely herself.  I enjoyed visiting with a Cocker Spaniel, since my family once owned one when I was a teenager.

Cali will be featured in her family's Christmas cards this year.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Photo Competition Winners for 2014

Congratulations to the 2014 competition winners of the St. Mary's County Camera Club for the end of the year.

* Novice Photographer of the Year - Deryk Lambert (90 points in 2014)

Intermediate Photographer of the Year - Abhi Vootukuru (230 points in 2014)
Advanced Photographer of the Year - Joanna Macaulay (145 points in 2014)

Previous 1st through 3rd entries competed for the year end awards:

Novice Digital
* Tonya Freed - "My Branch" - 1st Place
* Deryk Lambert - "Special Treat" - 2nd Place
* Kimberley Tomlinson - "Discovery" - 3rd Place
* Deryk Lambert - "Content" - HM

Intermediate Print
* Abhi Vootukuru - "Rise of the Machine" - 1st Place
* Abhi Vootukuru - "Headshot" - 2nd Place
* Paul Draheim - "Lily On the Pond" - 3rd Place

Intermediate Digital
* Paul Draheim - "Deep in Thought" - 1st Place
* Anh Nguyen - "Alabama Hill Nightscape" - 2nd Place
* Abhi Vootukuru - "The Banshee" - 3rd Place
* Abhi Vootukuru - "Trance" - HM
* Anh Nguyen - "Malachite" - HM
* Anh Nguyen - "Snowbound" - HM

Advanced Print
* George Taylor - "Peacock" - 1st Place

Advanced Digital
* Joanna Macaulay - "Two Bald Eagles Squawking" - 1st Place

* Rodger Strickler - "Teacup" - 2nd Place
* Beth Graeme - "Lights in the Vase" - 3rd Place
* Al Scheungrab - "Tags & Shoes" - HM
* Jack Goodman = "Spidermen" - HM
* Joanna Macaulay - "GreenHeart" - HM
* Joanna Macaulay - "Long Eared Owl C" - HM

Theme Print
* Paul Draheim - "Fall Corn" - 1st Place
* Anh Nguyen - "L.A. Night" - 2nd Place
* Abhi Vootukuru - "Angelo" - 3rd Place

Theme Digital
* Abhi Vootukuru - "A Stranger in the City" - 1st Place
* Joanna Macaulay - "First Flight" - 2nd Place

* Steve Thoman - "Peering Into the Past" - 3rd Place

* Abhi Vootukuru - "Sneak Peek" - HM
* Joanna Macaulay - "Purple Water Lily" - HM
* Katherine Norris - "Up in the Fun House" - HM
* Sandy Robbins - "Sailwinds" - HM

Monday, November 24, 2014


This Saturday I am participating in the WARMTH Art Show and Silent Auction 2-7 pm at Camalier House (Washington St) in Leonardtown.  The show benefits Three Oaks Homeless Shelter.  You can even bid for art online at

The theme is Dwell in Possibility.  My entry is called "Misty Wood", a photo of Jim when he was learning to walk again.  A streak of sunlight brightens his path as he walks into the dark unknown mist.  (A champion photo in the 2012 St. Mary's County Fair) Please consider bidding on my framed photo for a donation.

To learn more about the Auction, go to

My other photos for sale include:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall color in Fredericksburg VA

We spent Sunday in Fredericksburg, hoping to see a few leaves left on the trees after all the recent wind and rain.  In between the nice light for pictures, we went Christmas shopping midday. Here are some highlights of our day.

A lovely tree in the little beach park near the Harry Nice Memorial Bridge.

A little park behind the Wawa at the Central Park mall.  A picturesque oasis.

Canada goose snacking.

Reflection and pier near the Chancellorsville Battlefield.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Workdwide Photowalk Winning Photos

I didn't win anything in the Photowalk Competition this year, but winning the local contest last year was nice.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the winning photo, learn about how the photo was chosen and see if you agree with Scott Kelby.  Photography always is very subjective.  

I noticed Mr. Kelby often chose photos featuring dramatic lighting, movement or dramatic colors.  Take a look for yourself. 

 I used a horizontal version of the Ellicott City shot below for my contest entry with slightly more dramatic lighting.  Checkers anyone?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Camera club Honors for October

I had 3 winning photos in the Camera club Competition, 1 theme (abc123), and 2 advanced.  Strangely enough, I liked an osprey photo that didn't win anything the best!  I like how much action was happening and how two birds framed the third bird.

The theme was called Abc123.  A few hours before I sent in the pictures, I was talking to Jim and noticed that the drawer pulls on our old fashioned filing cabinet looked like the letter "i" if I rotated them 90 degrees. It won third place.

A fairly recent sunrise had a lovely red glow.  I think I made sure the land was cropped off the bottom of the photo, since a previous picture was similar.  3rd prize Advanced.

                       Warm Sunset 

While photographing some gorgeous water lilies, I noticed some water had collected on a lily pad in the shape of a heart, so I called it green heart and it won 1st place in the advanced category.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Picking an Entry for the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

Jim and I went to Ellicott City MD to participate in the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.  I knew very little sbout the town, except that they sometimes hold a hot air balloon festival.  I checked out some websites for ideas to help me make the best use of my time.  It is a very historic place with lots of back staircases, quaint shops and rocks.  At least one store was built right into the hillside and uses the bedrock aback wall to the building.  We have to go back to go shopping!

Here are some of my favorite shots.  Please comment if you like any in particular.  I have less than a week to pick out 1 contest entry.

 1830's gothic house

Cabin 1700's

Barry the bubbleman

 The post office

Ruins of the Patapsco Female Institute

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Bald Eagle is back

The bald eagle came back this week to hang out at our osprey nest.  In the summer, the osprey share a nest with house swallows and European starlings.  Out of the corner of my eye, I think I saw the eagle shoo away some of the birds living in the nest.  But he must have gotten too busy eating breakfast to bother with the 7 or 8 birds that came back to visit their home.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The National Zoo Continued

The animals at the zoo with the most freedom and largest cages were the big cats.  There were lion cubs and tiger cubs and they were awesome to watch.  They were full of energy and played a lot, chewing on sticks, playing in the water and on the stairs.

 The male lion was in its own large pen and he paced back and forth every once in a while.  I was lucky enough to photograph him with with backlit bushes behind him.  He showed his teeth with a big yawn (below) and I heard him roar from a nearby location, but missed seeing it.