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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jousting at the 2014 St. Mary's County Fair

While enjoying the St.Mary's County Fair, we watched part of the jousting competition and chatted with Mikayla and her horse Tyke.  Jousting is the official state sport in Maryland.  During a competition, the jouster aims a long lance at 3 separate tiny rings spaced along a straight line, while riding a horse at a fairly rapid pace.  The rings have a little powder on them so they don't stick.  The powder makes a visible puff when the jouster is successful in spearing the ring.
The only thing missing were the medieval costumes.
To learn more about our unusual state sport, visit

Here are a few photos of Mikayla and her horse Tyke.  I enlarged one of the photos so you could see Mikayla's expertise.

A competitor owned a blue eyed mare, that I couldn't resist photographing, even though the fence was in the way.

And by the way, Mikayla did very well.  Congratulations Mikayla!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ridge Carnival

We visited the Ridge Carnival a few times.  I picked out some of my favorite shots, showing a variety of things you would see at a Fair.  I will share why I liked a particular photo beneath it.  Which ones do you like?

I liked the repeating patterns in this one.

A romantic moment while watching the kids on the teacup ride.

Good things come in threes.  The pink monkey breaks the pattern.

A child brings a smile to a game worker.

Interesting textures with the fence.

Lots of emotion here!

I liked the frame in a frame and big smiles.

Her hair shows the movement, even though this is a still image.  Lots of emotion!

Fun colors.  Since the smurf is bigger, it became the subject in an otherwise busy shot.

The St. Mary's County Fair is this week, September 18-21.  Maybe these photos will give you some ideas for photographing it or interest you enough to attend or enter a contest.  One of the photography categories in the photo contest run by the St. Mary's County Camera Club is last years County Fair.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Night blooming water lilies

Here are some more lovely tropical water lilies.  We waited till dusk to see these night blooming lilies.  Just beautiful!
           Tropical Nymphaea Antares

Tropical Nymphaea Antares

Victoria or Queen victoria lily from the Amazon?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Water Lilies

Here's a few of the photos I took of a water lily display over the weekend.  The weather on Saturday was lovely and there was an overcast sky, perfect for flower photos.  

On sunny days, the shadows can be much more harsh, although I still like the photos because of the colors.

If you want to compare, you can look at some of my water lily photos on Flickr at in the flower album.  Here's an example.