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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pattern pictures

We didn't get enough snow for snow pictures, so I thought it would be fun to share some pattern photos.

I tend to like a slightly broken pattern, creating a subject or something to catch your eye.  

In this first shot, while the textures of the balls are interesting and shiny, there isn't one particular ball that catches your eye.   

In the second photo, my eye was attracted to the pink or yellow balls.  Reds and yellows are probably the most eye catching colors.  (A little better) There is a reason traffic lights are certain 
colors!  My eye tends to go to the pink ball first.

In this final shot, the white flower breaks the pattern of red flowers and becomes the subject in the photo.  I am also using the rule of thirds, placing the flower where the interersecting lines would be on a bingo card.  Sort of like on this number symbol where the lines cross each other. #⃣ 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Winter Photography

I thought it might be interesting to share ideas about what to photograph in Winter.  I would really like to get some audience suggestions on this one, so please feel free to comment and add your own suggestions, no matter when you see this blog (next year, next month, etc.)

I did some internet searching and brainstormed about all the ideas I could remember, so from the perspective of a Maryland resident, here is what I came up with for interesting photography:

  1. Wildlife is easier to spot in the winter.  Try Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge MD for birds, including eagles
  2. Great Falls National Park sunrise
  3. Blackwater Falls State Park in Davis WV for winter evergreens
  4. Ice patterns on window glass or on water, ice on plants
  5. Icicles (I even tried catching the melting water with a star filter, but it takes lots of patience)
  6. Red berries on plants
  7. Snow photos of buildings and snow in landscapes like mountains, with water, blowing snow (use +1 or +2 exposure or a gray card)
  8. Storm photos right before or after a storm
  9. Fog photos
  10. Snowy buildings with warm light coming from windows
  11. Cityscapes at twilight 30 minutes after sunset or before sunrise-see  for  a twilight calculator
  12. Caves are usually around 50-55 degrees year round
  13. Astrophotography when the sky is clear and less hazy
  14. Bryce National Park or Yosemite in snow
  15. Florida-Corkscrew Swamp, Big Bend boardwalk at Fakahatchee Strand, off Hwy 41 near Everglades city,  Anhinga Trail near the entrance to the Everglades
  16. Indoor studio type shots with a photo tent or flash

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ice photos

This time of year, you can get creative with ice photos or snow pictures.  Look for interesting shapes in the ice or icicles hanging from the roof or even your mailbox, especially near sunrise or sunset.

Look for ice crystals on your windows too.  You won't even have to go outside!  One year, I used a star filter on my lens and tried to catch the water drops from an icicle hanging off my roof with the sunlight behind it.  I finally caught one, but it took a lot of patience.  I didn't have to go outside for that one either.

I recently photographed some branches growing into the water.  It has an interesting reflection too.   I call it Ice Fingers.

A short while later, I photographed this simple reflection of the sun at sunset, like molten gold.

Feel free to post your own ice picture.