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Calm Reflections Photography shares beautiful photographs that can be placed on mugs, mouse pads, canvas, puzzles, T-shirts, coasters and prints. Joanna Macaulay makes souvenirs of St. Mary’s County for tourists and local residents. Information about St. Mary’s County attractions, travel, events and photography can be found at her site. She now does pet photography as well.

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GroundHog Visits

Our neighbor’s groundhog likes to visit.

Monday, August 26, 2019

The Artwalk is Coming! September 6, 2019

The Artwalk will be held in Leonardtown on Friday Sep 6th, 5-8 pm.  Calm Reflections Photography will be offering photography and photography crafts in town.  Don Stapleson from the Chesapeake Orchestra will be at the art walk with Clazzical Jazz, probably playing flute or sax.

I also have a photo in the Art competition, my lovely sunset photo of a Michigan Beach.  Someone recently bought a copy of it at the almost ended exhibit "Ebb and Flow" at Annmarie Gardens.  It is one of my favorites.  It is still on display at Annmarie until September 1st.  

I will know soon where it will be located in Leonardtown.  The contest is somewhat of a popularity contest, so please vote for it if you like it and if you can.  Voting can help you win a gift.  My framed photo will also be for sale.  Can't you just see this gorgeous photo in your living room?  I just wish it was taken in St. Mary's County.  I hope to see you there!

To learn more about the Artwalk visit:

Exotic Butterflies 3

 Green Clipper

Possibly a Black Swallowtail

Pink  Cattleheart

 Julia Longwing

 Zebra Longwing

 Giant Swallowtail

Two Blue Morphos eating banana

 Giant Swallowtail

Possibly Black Swallowtails

Blue Morpho.  The inside of the wings is much more colorful.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Exotic Butterflies 2

 Emerald Swallowtail and more beautiful butterflies

 Blue Morpho

 Anyone know what this striped orange butterfly is?

 Male Grecian Shoemaker

 Zebra Longwing

Female Grecian Shoemaker

 Blue Morpho

 Anyone know what butterfly or moth this is?

 Blue Cracker

Small Postman

Julia Longwing

Monday, August 12, 2019

Exotic Butterflies

Blue Morpho Butterfly and a few other interesting butterflies

Banded Orange


 Julia Longwing

Leopard Lacewing

Costa Rica Clearwing

 A Blue Morpho hides the color inside.  It is not actually blue.  The color it reflects looks blue.

Does anyone know what this one is?

 Sara Longwing


Great Mormon

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail emerging from Chrysalis

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Monday, August 5, 2019

Frederick Maryland Art May 3, 3019

 Trump L'oeil art, optical illusion.  The painting actually looked like this

 until you looked at it from the side!

 Which is real and which is art?  There was a bridge, a wall and a support wall.  and a FLAT mallard duck and a painting of a bird bath

 No gate here, or real ivy

 Lovely canal