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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Propeller Magazine Sep/Oct 2017 Published My Photos

The American Power Boat Association's magazine published some of my photos in their latest issue of Propeller Magazine, Sep/Oct 2017.  The boat club is mentioned on the cover "SMBC is Back" and the article is on page 18 (20 on the scroll bar)

There is a major typo, listing the photos by "Kathy Norris, Calm Reflections" instead of "Joanna Macaulay, Calm Reflections Photography".  Kathy apologized.  I suspect she helped get the story published and someone misunderstood.  The cover has a wooden race boat photographed from above.  

Monday, September 25, 2017

Breton Bay Photo Shoot

I did a real estate photo shoot at in Leonardtown.  The modest house has a nice location on the water with a pier.  Nearby is a small private beach with a pier on Breton Bay, and the Breton Bay golf course has a pool.  It was fun to try to capture good angles using a tripod and flash.  Please share if you know anyone interested.  Barbara at is the contact for the property.  

Lovely Sunset

Large room upstairs with the kitchen and dining area.

 Upstairs Kitchen

Nice view of the pier from the deck.

One of the bedrooms downstairs

Large garage.  There is also an attic, laundry room and 3 bathrooms.

Large yard

Private Pier on property


Breton Bay pool, part of the golf club, is nearby 

 Private pier and beach club

Small private beach for fee

Breton Bay Golf Club 

Friday, September 22, 2017

New York Bee Gees Tribute Band and Donna Summer Impersonator

We went to see the NY Bee Gees on Sep 9th at Jefferson Patterson Park.  They were super, and I had fun dancing in the aisles.  It was a challenge to edit the photos, since the whole concert was held under blue and pink lighting.  Sometimes the faces were orange or blue or pink.
You'll at least get a feel for the excitement during the concert.  We had a blast! ( My apologies to Mike Flyntz, since I didn't get more than 1 photo of him)

     Peter Mazzeo played Barry Gibb

      Tammi Wolfe

     Manny Focarazzo as Maurice Gibb     

Raniere Martin as Donna Summer

Tom Flyntz as Robin Gibb

 A fan in the audience

Peter Lazos, drummer

Mike Flyntz, lead guitar

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Bay Front Park in Chesapeake Beach

I had a craving to visit a beach before the weather got cold, even for just a day.  So we drove to Chesapeake Beach and went to Bay Front Park with the dog.  The weather was gorgeous and we walked around and talked with lots of other dogs.

I posted the dogs on my Facebook page, so here is the beach.  It was quite interesting with some logs, cliffs, shark's teeth, small horseshoe crabs, a little wildlife, a boardwalk and a bridge.  It was more of a walking beach than a swimming beach, since the water cleanliness was poor earlier in the summer.  There were no showers or flush toilets.  In the summer, it would have cost $10-$18 each to visit as a non Calvert resident.  We had lunch and walked around and took pictures.  Later we had a lovely outdoor meal at the Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa and drove to North Beach for the sunset and ice cream.  It was a very memorable day.



     Jim suggested photographing the cliff through the hole in the log.  It was a little tricky to get the right angle and I had to walk in the water to access the spot.

      Tidal inlet

     Little bridge over the inlet.  The creek was bigger on the right side.

     The boardwalk to the historical area was on the left.

     Small horseshoe crab

     Tiny horseshoe crab