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Cormorants from St Michael’s Manor in St. Mary’s County.  They were very far away, and my focus was off a little, but I liked the reflection...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Botanical Garden Flowers

We photographed some beautiful flowers and scenery at the Lewis Ginter botanical garden in Richmond,VA.  They have an amazing orchid collection with many colors, the largest collection of carnivorous plants I've ever seen and some lovely landscapes.


     Lady slipper

     Red passion flower

     Red hot pokers

     Pitcher plants (Sarracenia)



     Tea House gate



Monday, May 22, 2017

Annmarie Garden After Hours Reception Friday May 26th

You're invited to attend the Annmarie Garden After hours reception this Friday for the opening of the "Escape" Exhibit about Art on Vacation.  I have a photo in the new exhibit called Blackwater Falls in the Main Gallery. I also have a photo of the Milky Way in the "Spectacular Skies" exhibit upstairs in the Kay Daugherty Gallery.  The 5-8 pm reception usually costs $5 and includes music and light refreshments.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Maymont Mansion and Gardens in Richmond

Check out my lovely Maymont mansion, wildlife, and garden photos from my May 7th Facebook post.  Gorgeous!  I couldn't imagine living in such splendor!  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Butterfly Exhibit

We went to Richmond recently and visited the Lewis Ginter garden butterfly exhibit.  I spent a lovely hour or so watching exotic butterflies. The exhibit was smaller than the exhibit at Brookside, near Wheaton MD, but they had a nice collection.  (They also have an incredible collection of orchids, with every color of the rainbow: green, yellow, red, pink, purple, white, etc.)

Here are my favorites butterfly photos.

      Blue Morpho

     Butterfly heaven

     Blue Morpho?

    Tiger Longwing?

     Blue Morpho

     Sara Longwing

     Clipper butterfly

Friday, May 5, 2017

Flower Arrangements

Some of you may know my 91-year-old mother recently passed away.  Being the passionate photographer that I am, I couldn't resist photographing the lovely flowers at her funeral luncheon in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, I can't send you the scent as well.  Mom loved purple, so there are more purple flowers than usual and purple always looks nice with a yellow background, its complimentary color.

The funeral was a lovely tribute to Mom, a sweet lady.

  Friends said the blue reminded them of the ocean Mom loved, and purple orchids for the color Mom loved.

    Dogwood in Media, PA