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Calm Reflections Photography shares beautiful photographs that can be placed on mugs, mouse pads, canvas, puzzles, T-shirts, coasters and prints. Joanna Macaulay makes souvenirs of St. Mary’s County for tourists and local residents. Information about St. Mary’s County attractions, travel, events and photography can be found at her site. She now does pet photography as well.

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Annmarie Garden After Hours Reception Friday May 25th

I  had a colorful bird photo accepted into the Annmarie Garden "Of a Feather, Birds in Art" Exhibit.  The macaw photo titled "...

Monday, May 21, 2018

Annmarie Garden After Hours Reception Friday May 25th

had a colorful bird photo accepted into the Annmarie Garden "Of a Feather, Birds in Art" Exhibit.  The macaw photo titled "Pedicure", will be on display and for sale all summer in the main gallery. 

This Friday, May 25th, I hope you will consider attending the after hours reception with me and many other artists from 5-8 pm.  The receptions are always very nice with light refreshments and live music.  They will also announce the winning entries.

More information about the reception

More information about the exhibit

Yucatan Xcaret February 11, 2018 The Shows

Xcaret in Playa del Carmen also included several shows. This is a dance about a fish.


Charro, or traditional horseman.  This fellow was practicing spinning.

Flute player

Dance costumes from Veracruz

The Flying Men (Voladores de Papantla) are spectacular to watch


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Yucatan Xcaret February 11, 2018 The Park

Xcaret near Playa del Carmen featured the natural world and culture of Mexico, including many animals.  There were several huge white pelicans.


     Chocolate making by hand



     Malachite butterfly at the Butterfly Exhibit

      Birds at the Aviary


Turquoise browed motmot from Central America


     Mexican cemetery art

    Trick perspective in the gift shop

     Ball court


I loved the purple and yellow fish!



Saturday, May 12, 2018

Yucatan Mexico Ek Balam February 10, 2018

We spent the day near Valladolid exploring more wonders of the Yucatan.  We visited Ek Balam (meaning black jaguar), with its' incredibly new looking stucco panels on the Templo de los Frisos on the Acropolis.  The Acropolis structure was the funeral site of the Mayan ruler Ukit Kan Lek Tok.

Jim was determined to go up these steep stairs of the Acropolis to see the stucco work above.  Having done this before, I knew I wouldn't like the climb, but Jim's tenacity inspired a number of tourists sitting below the pyramid.  Folks asked me how old he was and were amazed.

Decorations at the bottom of the Acropolis.

Jim made it up to the room, cane and all.

Jim took this panorama photo of the jaws and decorated stucco room. It was hidden behind a sand filled room for centuries.

A stelae (stone pallet) was a sort of historical record.
We also visited a cenote called X'keken (or Dzitnup), an underground cave filled with water.  You can see the roots of a large tree above the cave. 

There was a huge stalactite hanging from the cave ceiling.

X'keken means pig.  Legend has it that a farmer's pig came back muddy from visiting the cenote, so the farmer followed the pig to the cave.