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Calm Reflections Photography shares beautiful photographs that can be placed on mugs, mouse pads, canvas, puzzles, T-shirts, coasters and prints. Joanna Macaulay makes souvenirs of St. Mary’s County for tourists and local residents. Information about St. Mary’s County attractions, travel, events and photography can be found at her site. She now does pet photography as well.

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GroundHog Visits

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Friday, September 28, 2018

St Mary's County Fair September 22, 2018

 We watched the Reggie Rice Comedy Magic Show

 The unexpected rabbit

OMG Chopping her head off

 Bubble Shooter guy

 Suttler Post Farm Clydesdales

 Glass blowing

Thursday, September 27, 2018

St Marys County Fair Sep 21, 2018

Drinking water

 Suttler Post Farm Clydesdales

 Flower Exhibit

 Red-Headed Irishman Cactus

Creative use of a shovel


Thursday, September 20, 2018

St Marys County Fair Photo Exhibit Winners

I was just at the County Fairgrounds with the St Mary's County Camera Club.  The club supports the Fair photography exhibit.  We are always excited to see all the talent from our neighbors.  Thank you to all participants and all helpers from the club.

This year's top purple ribbons went to:

Childrens ribbon Lillian Johnston for ballet shoes photo

Junior ribbon Jillian Waxman a colorful  peppers photo

Adult ribbon Lew Kosich for a Celtics photo

Last years County Fair Barbara Sue Nelson for flower exhibit photo

Life in St Marys County by ? for an Amish plow photo

(We made a judge's corner for those of us who don't get to share our photos)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dog Bath August 22, 2019

"Uh Oh.  Another bath for the me".  Shake, shake, quiver, quiver.
I can almost hear her brain thinking.  I was once again practicing my pet photography on my own dog, Sarita, a rescue toy poodle. Her expressions are adorable!   This bath is two weeks after her last one.  She has dry skin, so oatmeal shampoo was gentler on her skin and we can't bathe her too often.

I do pet photography in St. Mary's County, MD at your house or a nearby park where your pet is comfortable.  Most likely your pet wouldn't be getting a bath, but it would still be fun and the owners need to participate. I also like humorous photos, so I might try one or two.

Mostly, I just hope you will enjoy my photos.  I had to crop out parts of the shower, but it was handy that our shower is white, which adds in a little extra light. 

 Just getting used to the water.

 Drip, drip

 "Feels pretty good."

Shake, shake, shake

Check out some of my other pet photos at or visit my Facebook page.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Calm Reflections Photography will be at the Art Walk Friday Sep 7th

Come visit us at the Art Walk, part of the First Friday event, September 7th in downtown Leonardtown, MD 5-8 PM.  We will be offering cards, prints and assorted photo crafts.  Sarita, our toy poodle plans to come too!  Look for the pink tent.

Be sure to stop by David's Flowers (41656 Fenwick St., next to North End Gallery) to see my art walk entry, Pink Waterlily.  It is a very pretty photograph.  If you really like it, please vote for it as one of your favorite art works and drop off your ballot by 8 PM on Sep 7th at participating businesses or at the Leonardtown Arts Center Gallery at 22660 Washington Street.  The ballots are available Sep 6th and 7th.  The first 100 voters receive a free gift and will also be entered in a drawing for a free Board and Brush class.  The art will be on display till Sep 30th. 

Here is where all the art works will be shown at businesses in Leonardtown.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

St. Mary's County Fair Photography Exhibit Sep 20-23, 2018

Please enter the St. Mary's County Fair Photography Competition this year.  We love to see your photos!  The St. Mary's County Camera Club supports the exhibit.

Take your entries to the Fairgrounds on  September 19th, 2018 1-8 PM  Pick up your exhibitor number first at the Old Fair stage Auditorium.

Find out more from the County Fair catalog at