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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Yucatan Mexico Rio Lagartos Feb 9, 2018

We drove to Rio Lagartos and went down the river to Las Coloradas.  The small town of Rio Lagartos is known for many varieties of birds.  Pedro drove our boat from town.  We saw an ibis, a black hawk, an osprey, a roseate spoonbill flying, a cigüeña (stork)a frigate bird, cormorants, brown and white pelicans, a blue heron, a great blue heron, a crocodile, flamingos, and the ever present seagulls. Not all of them are pictured here.

At the farthest point, the boat stopped briefly at Las Coloradas, colored lakes made by a salt factory and the reaction of the salt to micro organisms and algae.  There were a few distant flamingos in the peach colored waters, but nothing like the large numbers we saw in Celestun.  (I haven't figured out when there are more flamingos there, but we only expected to see a few in February and went there to see the many other birds that live nearby).

 Brown pelicans

Blue heron

 More brown pelicans

 Pelican and Cormorant

 Great blue heron

 Another tour boat.  Note the man with the mud mask on his face.  We decided not to stop at the mud baths nearby.

 Fishing net

Egret in flight

 Cigüeña or stork



 Las Coloradas

Flamingos at Las Coloradas

 Someone broke the S!

 One of the cottages named for Sylvanus Morley, Jim's great uncle at the Mayaland hotel

 The Planetarium

 Nice pool at Mayaland

 The Mayan observatory  was framed by the main doorway at the Mayaland hotel, a suggestion made by Sylvanus Morley to the original owner of the hotel

 Our cottage at Mayaland

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