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Monday, March 12, 2018

Yucatan Mexico Trip February 2, 2018 Kabah

Before returning to Merida, we spent the morning at Kabah, another Mayan ruin and Santa Elena to visit a church on the top of a hill with a tiny museum.  The highlight of Kabah was a building called Palacio de los Mascarones, or the Palace of Masks, with it's fascinating decorations and lots of masks of Chac.  Kabah was roughly dated 600-900 AD.

 Iguana on the top of a building

 The round circle on the ground is a rare cistern for collecting water

 Turkey vulture

Citrus fruit tree nearby

Palace of the Masks

 Chac masks

Decorated side of the Palace of the Masks

 Trunk noses are spread across the surface of the building along with masks.  This was the most complete one I saw.

 An alter to Chac
 Across the street was a gate to the sacbe, an ancient causeway to Uxmal.

 We stopped for lunch at El Chac Mool restaurant in Santa Elena, where Jim tried some fresh mango off the tree.


 Chac Mool

 Harley, the local cat at the restaurant

 Turtle at El Chac Mool restaurant

 Santa Elena colorful house

 Santa Elena Cathedral on the hilltop

 Wild turkey

 Jim at the entrance to the Museum at the Cathedral

 Henequin fibers from the agave plant are dyed for use as mats, hammocks, shoe soles, etc. are a major industry in the area.

Exit from Santa Elena

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