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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Yucatan Mexico Trip Feb 1, 2018 Uxmal

We visited Uxmal, a large Mayan ruin for the day.  There were several pyramids to see and lots of doorways and trees to frame photographs.  The Pyramid of the Magician (Piramide del Adivino) was fascinating with its rooms way up on the temple.  The stairs were extremely steep, so you couldn't go up to see them.

 Behind the Pyramid of the Magician were 2 quadrangles aligned in similar fashion.   This outdoor corridor was behind the Pyramid lined up on the south side of the Quadrangle of the Birds.

This bird, maybe 8 feet up, looked like a fanciful parrot.

 Directly behind the Pyramid, this unusual opening framed the view.

 Here are some details on the buildings.  I think these masks represented Chaac.

The side of the Pyramid of the Magician.

The second quadrangle was the Quadrangle of the Nunnery (Cuadrangulo de las Monjas).  There was never a nunnery there however, the Conquistadores thought it reminded them of a Nunnery.

An iguana lounged in the grass above the quadrangle.

 This gives you an idea of the steepness of the stairs.

To the south was the Ball Court or Juego de Pelota.  The game was very popular in Mayan times.  The players would hit a ball through the rings high on the wall using their hips.

We didn't climb the Grand Pyramid or Gran Piramide to the southwest, since it was quite steep, but more adventurous folks climbed up.  (There were no handrails on pyramids we visited in Mexico)

Close by was the House of the Turtles or Casa de las Tortugas.

I actually climbed up the Governor's Palace or Palacio del Gobernador.  It was too steep for me, but I climbed up for Jim.  The decorations were quite detailed and the view was nice.  The only difficulty was getting the courage to go back DOWN the steep stairs when I was very hot and very tired.

The view of the Pyramid of the Magician from up top.

Some elegant details on the Governor's Palace.

An interesting painting in the Visitor's Center.

Some good artwork where we had an outdoor lunch was across the street.

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